It is in fact possible to recreate your life and live a flourishing and splendid life. Life everything else in nature you are born to grow.

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Counselling Sessions

Counselling sessions are intended give the patient an understanding of the condition

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Integrated Person

You are born and you develop as a pupa. You try all the ways to protect the pupa and survive the repressions of society.

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The Awakening

Human beings have the innate potential to know themselves and reach a higher state of consciousness. What is so great ab

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Beyond the body-2

When you become furious, or violent, you are coming down from your state of mind to that of your body. The same reason p

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Beyond the body – 1

Have you ever thought of a case of not having a body; just being your mind. A group of electrical signals that can make

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Tantric Sex

Tantric sex Tantric sex is a higher form sexual act, where the focus is on enhancement of love than just achieving a sex

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Introduction to Tantra

Sexual activity is something that should happen in total harmony. It is the ultimate union of souls. Such an act can onl

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