Have you ever thought of a case of not having a body; just being your mind. A group of electrical signals that can make numerous calculations, plans, and may even through some mechanism execute it for you. Maybe have the body for the sake of execution.

In some sense, we are truly what is meant in the  above paragraph. The body though felt as a heavy mass, making so much of restrictions in our life is an object parsed into the mind via neurological pathways. Thus, the body is an experience such as a thought or emotion which we can term as psychogenic.

 It is the existence of the mind that makes us function differently than other animals. An apparatus that can act as an active receptor, and a passive emitter of reality. When we think about a person we are interested in his mental constitution. A person is his mind. For the same reason, when a person expresses an inconceivable behaviour, we tend to ask “are you out of your mind?”

People do exceptional feats, by doing it first in the mind. The mirror neurons imitate an action thought or perceived. It then prepares the body for the same action. Think, how you learned any psycho-motor task, e.g. driving. Your mind had given you a go, before you actually did it. It has been learning all the time. 

Thus, the mind is a powerful entity that can function beyond the body. It can pass over all.the restrictions imposed by the physicality. Mind is the totality of existence, when it is embraced completely. 

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