When you become furious, or violent, you are coming down from your state of mind to that of your body. The same reason people who have good emotional control observe their body. They are close-knit to the sensations approaching the body. So they can decide how to act upon, when it arises.

Humanity is trying to achieve this quality, through stages of development. Humour and sarcasm are all various ways the mind passively act upon a sensation and express resentment. 

Someone who hasn’t felt himself, is an easy prey for emotions. He can be taunted easily by someone who is in better accustomed with his emotions. Therefore the former avoid the confrontation of the latter. He avoids seeing himself. 

Meditation is a powerful way of harmonising with ones emotions. Watching carefully the sensation arising in the body, the mind grows in better control of emotions. 

Control of emotions is not suppression of emotions, but it is harmonising with sensations towards the acceptance of it. It is not the sensations that are primarily responsible for our emotions. It is how we react upon them.

There are various sensations we associate with anger or aggression in our mind. The act of the mind to avoid the arising of a sensation, leads to an unpleasant emotion. Once we accept the sensation, our reaction will be pleasure.

Suppression is when an unpleasant emotion goes unfelt and unexpressed. Such expressions don’t necessarily lead to acceptance of the sensation. It will help us grow in touch with our emotions, and correct the same in similar circumstances. Acceptance can happen even without expression.

People who express are better, people who feel are much better.

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