Cyril John Mathew

Counseling Psychologist and Psychotherapist


Cyril John Mathew earned a BSc degree in Physics from M.G University. He completed his master’s degree in psychology at Madras University, and then obtained an Advanced Diploma in Counseling Psychology at Jamia Millia Islamia. 

He successfully completed internships at the National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development (New Delhi), Tis Hazari Family Court (New Delhi), Max Super Specialty Hospital (Saket, New Delhi), and Udayan Care, Lajpat Nagar (New Delhi).

During Cyril John Mathew’s internships, he gained rich experience in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy sessions. These sessions included a range of activities, such as conducting psychological assessments using various psychological tests and engaging in child play observation sessions. Cyril possesses extensive knowledge of the diagnostic criteria for various developmental disorders such as ASD, ADHD, and Down’s Syndrome, as well as other mental disorders. 

Also, he has hands-on experience working with complex issues like domestic violence, child custody disputes, maintenance, and property conflicts that arise within marital cases. Cyril’s expertise extends to the preparation of questionnaires, data collection, compilation, and the thorough review of literature, positioning him as an exceptional expert in the field of mental health. Cyril also carried out research and wrote a paper titled “Assisting the youth in the transition from aftercare to a self-reliant adult.” 

Regarding further professional development, Cyril John Mathew was employed as a Test Analyst at TATA CONSULTANCY SERVICES Ltd (Chennai), then as a teacher in 11 and 12 grade at M.G.M School (Halol, Gujarat). He also worked as a Counseling Psychologist at Snehadhara – Psycho-social rehabilitation center Chengannur, and currently works as a Psychotherapist at Overcome – Counseling and Psychotherapy Centre, Trivandrum.

As an experienced physics instructor, he possesses a wealth of teaching skills that enables him to effectively engage with students and make complex concepts more accessible. He has a natural ability to convey information in a way that stimulates students’ curiosity and fosters a love for learning. With his passion for physics and commitment to helping students succeed, he can create an immersive and visual learning experience that promotes understanding and retention. His dedication to his students has earned him a reputation as an innovative and effective educator who always puts the needs of students first. 

Cyril John Mathew speaks four languages: English, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi. 

He is particularly interested in psychoanalysis, whose principles he applies in his practice. The books that have left an impression on him are “Interpretations of Dreams,” “The Psychopathology of Everyday Life,” and papers such as “Studies on Hysteria,” “Mourning and Melancholia” by Sigmund Freud, “Psychoanalysis: A Critical Introduction – Ian Craib.” 

Throughout all the previous years, Cyril John Mathew has been meeting patients at his private clinic for counseling and psychotherapy sessions. There he conducts psychotherapeutic sessions and successfully helps his patients deal with their psychological difficulties. What sets this psychotherapist apart is the special emphasis he places on the client and their well-being. According to Cyril John Mathew, the client must feel accepted. He is coming in search of that quality of the therapist that gives him the feeling of complete acceptance.