Tantric sex

Tantric sex is a higher form of sexual act where the focus is on enhancement of love rather than  a sexual release. Thus, the focus moves from the conventional act of copulation to the complex act of lovemaking. In other words, the focus moves away from genital-centred sexual pleasure to love-centred act of affection.

In tantric sex, genitals become the sources of higher sexual transformation. They are worshipped and dealt with utmost care, thus, giving birth to the practices of Lingam pooja and Yoni pooja. A sexual act will turn in to a prolific act of lovemaking if such artistic practices are included in the sexual act.

The sexual energy formed in the genitals is directed to the crown (head), thereby transforming the sexual energy to creative energy.

Multiple orgasm

A woman’s body possesses the ability for multiple cycles of arousal and release. On the other hand, a man is usually conditioned for a single cycle of sexual arousal. A man’s sexual desire comes to an end after reaching the peak of arousal and ejaculation.

However, through training, a man can learn to separate the orgasm (peak of arousal) from ejaculation. This will enable him to achieve multiple orgasmic peaks during a single sexual act.

Semen retention

Semen is the vital essence that provides a sexual urge for a man. Therefore, it is important to conserve the semen instead of ejaculating it out carelessly. Tantra puts forward the idea that a man can orgasm without ejaculation and, therefore, can preserve his essence. By identifying and mastering the point at which the peak phase turns in to the ejaculatory phase (the point of no return), a man can learn to stop and retract, thereby decreasing the arousal and just enjoying the body’s sensations. Achieving the peak of arousal without ejaculation is called a “non-ejaculatory” orgasm which not only conserves the vital energy but also leads to higher satisfaction. 


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