You are born and you develop as a pupa. You try all the ways to protect the pupa and survive the repressions of society. It is only until the late teens one experiences the inadequacy of the pupa he is living in. Again, due to factors such as social co-existence and need for making earning, we sink into the same pupa. We make slight modifications in the self-perception to accommodate the growing, feeling of insufficiency. 

These modification lead to more conflicts within himself and with the external world. In the dazed state of inadequacy. he lives as child submerged below the layers of social incumbency. Such adults even after they have kids relate to kids, the same way kids relates to kids.

Maturity comes from breaking out of the pupa and blossoming into completeness. Such a person starts living his essence, unmodified in any sort of way. Such a person is a fully integrated person.

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