Human beings have the innate potential to know themselves and reach a higher state of consciousness. What is so great about devoting time for self-realisation and understanding? It brings you closer to the nascent state of your mind, the Soul. Then, you come closer to your purpose in the world. 

You can live till death without understanding who you are, in a semi-sleep state. Get the means to fulfil the social or individual necessities . Keep fighting with the torments imposed by life. Survive diseases with strong medicines and use painkillers to sedate your senses. Live blind and fall into the darkness of  death. 


Search for your Soul and become complete. Soul is the only nectar that can quench your thirst. The real satisfaction in life is meeting with your Soul and living your life to completion. It is then life begins, life till then was a preparation for awakening. From the day of awakening your real journey in life starts. All you need to do is just be.

What lies beyond the mortal physical body is the immortal consciousness. What people call religion as Soul or Spirit. Soul outlives your physical body. Hence one who has reached the soul will not succumb to the darkness of death.

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