Psychological Difficulty

Depression treatment

  • Treatment for melancholic mood disorder

Bipolar disorder treatment

  • Treatment for melancholic and maniac mood disorder

Psychological Illness


  • Patients diagnosed with schizophrenia can be helped to achieve self-independent life and to live up to their maximum potential.

Psychotic illness

  • People with psychotic illness can be treated through psychotherapy to achieve mood regulation and congenial co-existence with people. This is achieved through better understanding of the person and helping them channelise their energy in the right direction.

Sexual Difficulties

Erectile dysfunction

  • Erectile dysfunction is often a psychological issue than physical. In such cases it can be resolved through proper understanding of sexuality and external variables that affect the arousal in a person.

Porn-induced Erectile Dysfunction

  • It can be treated with sexual abstinence and discipline during a recovery period.

Premature ejaculation and sexual timing

  • Premature ejaculation can be treated by understanding the sexual arousal cycle of the person.

Sex Education

Tantric self-love

  • How masturbation can be transformed into the art of self-love. Mastering semen-retention there by conserving energy. Achieve multiple-orgasms thereby reach higher levels of arousal and satisfaction.

Tantric love making

  • The art of making love with the partner, with the intention of building a greater rapport of body and mind, beyond the shear pleasure of the genitals.

Learning disability


  • The deficiency of a child learning in recognising the symbols of alphabet with the sounds.


  • The deficiency of a child learner in mastering arithmetic at par with children his of same age.