Introduction to Tantra


Sexual activity should happen in total harmony. It is the ultimate union of souls, and that will happen when partners conserve their sexual energies without exploiting those energies.

Good lovemaking emerges from sexual discipline. If energies are exploited for some time, partners lose interest in each other and gradually their ability to love decreases. We are bound to seek for wisdom and creativity to live a life where love persists.

This is true even from a biological context as it is from a psychological context. The biological decrease in sexual drive is related to whether a partner attained satisfaction. When a male rat copulates with a female rat for several times, the rate of sexual activity decreases between the two rats. However, when another female rat is brought in front of the male rat, the sexual drive restarts. This is nature’s way to find a new partner once the copulation is completed.

Even humans are programmed to exhibit the same behaviour. But, it is our conscious mind and the ability to perceive a higher life (sublimated life) that gives our life a different formation by regulating our basic instincts.

This is how we reach the higher order of life that can be termed as spiritual. A family life may pave a path to spirituality. Then, sexual life takes a new form, from a state of achieving carnal pleasure to a state of enhancing love. This point of recognition leads to tantric sex.


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