The biggest mistake we make while growing up is to enslave ourselves to an ideology and allow it to control our actions. This flaw or error plays out in many contexts.


Psychologically, in letting the ideology or thought take control, we move ourselves away from the moment of reality – and our original felt response. The expressed, ideologically-bound thought alienates us from our natural feeling for the object in context.


In social contexts, the adopted ideology alters our natural reaction and leads us to wrong decisions that don’t suit the situation.


The way to avoid ideologically enslaved thoughts is to adopt spontaneity. We should give prime value to our instantaneous expression, not to what the ideology directs in the context.


Ideology is an escape mechanism that dissolves the fear of embracing the moment’s uncertainty. Our fear accentuates the comfort of using ideology as a coping mechanism and habituates ideological responses over time. Ideology shields us from feeling our internal fear.


Freeing the mind from any ideology allows us to witness the fears that are otherwise kept under cover. We try to keep the established ideology alive, so we don’t have to pay the cost of witnessing ourselves.


Bringing up children in fear and with strict discipline encourages the development of narcissistic personalities. There is a high correlation between narcissistic personalities and ideological dependency. It works both ways: societies with proliferating narcissism display increased ideological dependency, and societies that largely depend on ideology breed narcissism in their members. Narcissists are highly prone to ideologies.


Narcissism’s unstable nature leads to fascist and fundamentalist movements, as those movements abolish logical thought or self-criticism and establish a way of thinking seen as indisputable. A foundation based on fear leads to adherence to ideology.


Thus, abandoning pure thinking and taking up ideologies detrimentally affect us in our personal sphere of life and also our social spheres.

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