Human being has the innate potential for the super-natural. So, every therapy is a search for the truth. The truth about you lies in your unconscious, that you must know and live upto.

Every human activity is towards perfection of his self(the image of his self), that he identifies as his being.

Mind is a machine that shows alternating sides of life all the time, like binary states. You build your views about yourself, based on the vulnerabilities and consequences that you felt in your life, starting from early childhood. The ego-self(“I”) acts as an object and an objective reference point for a person. Thus one enters into objective thinking paradigm by referencing and picturing the ego-self.

It is this objectivity that gives rise to the symbolic order of the society. Rules, customs, and norms find it’s place within this objective space. So, a person living in a society is within an objective order, yet the being is purely subjective. When a person is not able to identify well with this symbolic order, psychological distress(symptom) manifests.

Thus, symptom by its nature is the result of one’s misidentification with the symbolic order. May be all spiritual search start from this identification. Spiritual awakening is a transition from objective self to the subjective self(being). Human nature has the inertia and resistance to change, which makes him hold on to his state. Thus, pleasures become a substitute for happiness in society.

Spiritual growth can happen upon seeking the cause of the symptom and slowly releasing oneself from self-induced bondage; finally falling into the symptom.



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