You can share your inner most emotions with your therapist. Anything you may talk with your therapist will be completely confidential. Disclosure to a third person can only happen with your consent.

Anything you share about yourself will help the therapist get a better picture of your problem.

You can bring any concern regarding your problem to your therapy session. Most often or may be every time, you might not get an upright solution from the therapist. The therapist is trying to help you work through your problem, the solution has to come from you.

He will be non-judgemental in understanding your concern.

As, part of the ethical guidelines, the therapist should restrict the therapeutic relationship within the therapeutic process. He should not ask or expect favors of any kind from the client. Also, he should not liable to receive such favors, even when offered.

The goal of psychotherapy is trying to bring out the real person. This is done by entangling the person from the voices that are not his own and helping him listen to his own voice. Therefore, the key element involved is recognition. When one is able to distinguish emotions from that are not his own, he becomes himself.

Mind will dissolve and life will become calm when person is in touch with his emotion and thoughts. So, the process of psychotherapy, intents to help the person understand, the conflicting sides of his problem and fall into the side that his emotions take him.







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